Lifetime: furnitures from denmark

solid pine furniture in whitewash, greywash and white

Schack Engel, a family business from Denmark known as Lifetime, offers an extensive range of furniture for babies, children, and teens. All Lifetime products are manufactured from Scandinavian pinewood and then offered in opaque white, whitewash or greywash.

Discover Lifetime‘s large selection of baby furniture, scalable desks, beds, wardrobes, dressers and shelfs. Recombine shelfs with colored doors or drawers and decorate your bed with curtains, bedlinen, and pillows. Lifetime’s beds grow along with your child and can be adjusted and extended.

Lifetime beds from denmark

The vast selection of beds includes:
baby beds, junior beds, flat beds, mini-high beds, half-high beds (play beds), canopy beds, high beds (also with writing table), bunk beds (also offset or over corner)

lifetime furnitures from denmark: tree house bed, half-high bed (play bed) with oblique and straight conductor
tree house bed                                       half-high bed adventure                    half-high bed sugar pie

Among the adventure beds, the tree house bed is most children’s favorite, and parents can be reassured too since it exists in many different heights.

lifetime furnitures from denmark: babybed from birch and MDF
lifetime babybed from birch and MDF
lifetime babybed converted to juniorbed
lifetime babybed converted to juniorbed

The lifetime babybed is made from birch und can converted to a juniorbed.

lifetime fall protection
lifetime fall protection

For small children moving to beautiful safety barriers in different colors and patterns.

Many beds can be equipped with a slide, thus offering an easy way for the child to leave the bed alone. 

lifetime special edition bed 2017
lifetime special edition bed 2017
teenager bed, available in three widths (90 ( 120/140)
teenager bed, available in 3 widths (90/120/140)

These allow even small rooms to be used to their maximum potential. Security is a major issue for Lifetime.

Furthermore, offset bunk beds can be mounted around corners and family beds can accommodate up to three persons.

lifetime writing desk
lifetime writing desk 30245

Lifetime children’s desks from denmark

The choice for children’s desks is equally large, with adjustable heights and widths.

With Lifetime, we are confident that you will find the right choice for you child too.

Those looking for space-saving-options will enjoy the folding doors of their wardrobes.

Lifetime Wardrobe with folding doors and turn doors, colors of furniture
Lifetime Wardrobe with turn doors and folding doors, furniture colors: whitewash/greywash, white

Gorgeous textiles like canopies, carpets, pillows, and bedlinen further expand the selection. Lifetime notably offers different themes to decorate your child’s room. For example, it allows you to set up rooms for princesses, cowboys or Indians. Adventurers have shown to be fans of the series Hang Out and Camp Canyon, while gentle children often prefer Nights or Sugar Pie.

canopy bed freebird (mini-high-bed)
canopy bed freebird
shared bed
bunk bed
Couch bed with guest bed and bed-settee
couch bed
hang out bed half-high
hang out bed half-high