Aeris: motion chairs for children and adults

The philosophy of Aeris is as simple as effective: more movement! The 3D ergonomics enable more health, more motivation and more productivity.

Aeris is a producer from motion chairs for children and adults.


The philosophy of Aeris is as simple as effective: more movement! The 3D ergonomics enable more health, more motivation and more productivity.

chairs for children and adults: Swopper with Microfiber cover
Swopper classic, microfiber cover and gliders (new color ferrari red)
chairs for children and adults: Swopper with microfiber cover and rolls
Swopper classic, microfiber cover and rolls

The active chair swopper allows movements and changes of position in all directions. End with back pain and tensions, to more physical health, increased well-being and higher performance.

Choose between the swopper classic with micro fiber cover (between three different gas spring heights), the swopper living with felt-optic cover, the swopper air and dm swopper work (with backrest).

With all swoppers, you can choose whether you prefer rollers or gliders.

chairs for children and adults: swopper living with felt-optic cover warm-grey
swopper living with felt-optic cover warm-grey
chairs for children and adults: swopper living with felt-optic cover rose
swopper living, felt optic cover rose
chairs for children and adults: swopper living with felt-optic cover true blue
swopper living, felt optic cover true blue




The Swopper work is suitable for persons from 60 to 120 kg.

chairs for children and adults: Swopper work
Swopper work

While the Swopper Classic has a medium-strength upholstery, the Swopper Air is now the version in the soft-sounder seat variant.

chairs for children and adults: Swopper Air
Swopper Air

In addition to the well-known and tried and tested integrated Sswopper technology, the Swopper AIR offers a completely new, spring-soaked seat comfort thanks to Hi-Tec upholstery and a climate-friendly cover. In the upholstery of the Swopper AIR, five functional layers are finely coordinated. The effect is already „in the first seat“ to note: perfect spring-like swinging, breathing active, pressure and thermoregulating sitting.


The Muvman with microfiber cover is an absolute win for all who love to move and move comfortably!

chairs for children and adults: muveman new
muveman new

Muvman is the first standing chair, which by technological and ergonomic innovations meets all requirements at the workplace uncompromisingly. It is used in the retail trade, in the laboratory, in the doctor’s office or in production. Experience new standards with regard to freedom of movement, adaptability and seat height. The design can be described as stylish, elegant and distinctive.


chairs for children and adults: Swoppster in limegreen, skyblue and candyred
Swoppster in limegreen, skyblue and candyred

The swoppster offers especially for our youngest especially back-friendly sitting! Specially designed for children’s high need for movement and updated to the latest state of the art at the end of 2016, the ergonomic childrens chair actively and effectively prevents posture and back problems. The special feature is the 3D technology, which he took over from the big swopper.

Since January 2017, the swoppster has been produced with a new fabric in three new colors: limegreen, skyblue and candyredIt can withstand loads of up to 50 kg.

Nature Kid: modern and romantic furniture in many colors and from various materials

At Nature Kid you will find solid and semi-solid wood furniture for babies, children, teens, and adults. Its pieces come in various colors and sizes, and include a large range of fitting sideboards, wardrobes and babys changing units. Nature Kid’s design is as diverse as you are: it can be romantic, playful, timeless, nostalgic, or sober and simple.

serie Basic (babybeds in 60 x 120 and 70 x 140 cm)
serie Basic (babybeds in 60 x 120 and 70 x 140 cm)

Series Basic & Marcella

While the series Basic (offering baby beds in white) and Marcella (baby furniture in solid wood or MDF in white or beige) count on sober designs.

Marcella solid wood white
Marcella white, solid wood
Marcella vanille, solid wood
series Marcella vanille, solid wood
Marcella white, MDF
Marcella white, MDF






Series Mini

The series Mini offers more playful furniture in rose and light grey.

serie Mini in light pink
series Mini in white/ light pink
series Mini in white/ light grey
series Mini in white/ light grey

The baby beds can be converted into junior beds.

Mini junior bed
Mini junior bed
Mini junior bed
Mini junior bed





Series Moon

Those who value high comfort are advised to have a look at the series Moon which offers changing units in different sizes, also joinable with the baby’s bed. With Moon, you can further exchange the full-sized fall protection of the baby beds with a smaller one, or to use bed drawers for extra storage space.

Moon babybed with fall protector
Moon babybed with fall protector
Moon babybed with small baby changing unit
Moon babybed with small baby changing unit







Series Josephine

For the lovers of country house style, we recommend the series Josephine. Its baby beds are manufactured from a combination of white MDF and a frame of solid beech with a natural finish. This combination gives Josephine furniture a beautiful and elegant look.

Josephine baby furniture
Josephine baby furniture made of birch melamine and MDF



Series Iga, Parola and Barcelona

The series Iga offers an option with rounded corners. Parole is a more ornate series, with white basics and colorful applications. Barcelona is held all in white and beige.

Barcelona furniture in the Spanish flair, available in white and vanilla
Barcelona furniture in the spanish flair, available in white and vanilla
Parole romantic furniture
Parole romantic furniture





Series Filo

Filo is the most playful series, with combinations of white and dark brown frames. The handles of its drawers are made with colored felt that can be adapted and exchanged.

Filo furniture with boy colors
Filo furniture with boy colors
Filo furnitures with girl colors
Filo furnitures with girl colors

Series Flipper

Are you looking for solid beds made from beech? Then you will love the series Flipper. It offers daybeds, play beds, beds with slides, bunkbeds, and loft beds for children and teens.

Flipper bunk bed over corner
Flipper bunk bed over corner
middel-high bed Flipper
middel-high bed Flipper







bed Sören, made of beech
bed Sören, made of solid beech




For adults, we offer a lot of beds with different width options and can be ordered as single or double beds.

bed Finn, made of beech
bed Finn, made of solid beech

Mild & Wild: furniture for children and teenager in ash look

Mild and Wild offer beautiful pieces that are made from high quality birch bended plywood, covered with ash, and treated with ecological and children-friendly lacquer. The curved fronts of its beds appear elegant and timeless. The remarkable design and outstanding manufacturing make Mild and Wild to a highlight in every children and teenage bedroom.

All the furniture of Mild & Wild have rounded corners and edges.

Mild & Wild beds for children and teenager

bunk bed mild and wild with little fall protection
mild wild furniture for children and teenager: bunk bed mild and wild with little fall protector

The wild bunk bed is made of elaborately curved birch plywood, which has been veneered with ash.

The ladder can be used right or left. The small failure protection below can be ordered additionally. As a need, the bunk bed can also be set up as two single beds later.


high sleeper bed with shelves
high sleeper bed with shelves

Mild and Wild’s high sleeper bed allow for enough space under the bed to include seating options, which can be readily obtained in its design.

For the time being, you can only build the upper lying surface without the lower part of the bed. 


teenager bed mild and wild, made of ash
teenager bed mild and wild
dresser and ruck
dresser and ruck

The Mild and Wild complete kit is supplied including slatted bed, bed case and fall protection.

The bed can not be converted to a high bed or bunk bed.

Mild & Wild chest of drawers

This marvelous chest of drawers from the Mild & Wild collection offers you four spacious drawers, in which you can store many things. The integrated Soft-Close system closes the drawers quietly and gently.

The wall shelf was converted from the wrapping attachment.

baby changing unit
mild wild furniture for children and teenager: baby changing unit

When assembling the winding unit, install the winding attachment instead of the enclosed normal commode board. This way, you can later simply convert the winding unit into a normal dresser and do not have any damage at the top. Use the two narrow boards to mount the wrapping attachment and use it as a wall shelf.

Lifetime: furnitures from denmark

solid pine furniture in whitewash, greywash and white

Schack Engel, a family business from Denmark known as Lifetime, offers an extensive range of furniture for babies, children, and teens. All Lifetime products are manufactured from Scandinavian pinewood and then offered in opaque white, whitewash or greywash.

Discover Lifetime‘s large selection of baby furniture, scalable desks, beds, wardrobes, dressers and shelfs. Recombine shelfs with colored doors or drawers and decorate your bed with curtains, bedlinen, and pillows. Lifetime’s beds grow along with your child and can be adjusted and extended.

Lifetime beds from denmark

The vast selection of beds includes:
baby beds, junior beds, flat beds, mini-high beds, half-high beds (play beds), canopy beds, high beds (also with writing table), bunk beds (also offset or over corner)

lifetime furnitures from denmark: tree house bed, half-high bed (play bed) with oblique and straight conductor
tree house bed                                       half-high bed adventure                    half-high bed sugar pie

Among the adventure beds, the tree house bed is most children’s favorite, and parents can be reassured too since it exists in many different heights.

lifetime furnitures from denmark: babybed from birch and MDF
lifetime babybed from birch and MDF
lifetime babybed converted to juniorbed
lifetime babybed converted to juniorbed


The lifetime babybed is made from birch und can converted to a juniorbed.

lifetime fall protection
lifetime fall protection


For small children moving to beautiful safety barriers in different colors and patterns.

Many beds can be equipped with a slide, thus offering an easy way for the child to leave the bed alone. 

lifetime special edition bed 2017
lifetime special edition bed 2017
teenager bed, available in three widths (90 ( 120/140)
teenager bed, available in 3 widths (90/120/140)

These allow even small rooms to be used to their maximum potential. Security is a major issue for Lifetime.

Furthermore, offset bunk beds can be mounted around corners and family beds can accommodate up to three persons.


lifetime writing desk
lifetime writing desk 30245

Lifetime children’s desks from denmark

The choice for children’s desks is equally large, with adjustable heights and widths.

With Lifetime, we are confident that you will find the right choice for you child too.

Those looking for space-saving-options will enjoy the folding doors of their wardrobes.

Lifetime Wardrobe with folding doors and turn doors, colors of furniture
Lifetime Wardrobe with turn doors and folding doors, furniture colors: whitewash/greywash, white

Gorgeous textiles like canopies, carpets, pillows, and bedlinen further expand the selection. Lifetime notably offers different themes to decorate your child’s room. For example, it allows you to set up rooms for princesses, cowboys, or Indians. Adventurers have shown to be fans of the series Hang Out and Camp Canyon, while gentle children often prefer Nights or Sugar Pie.

canopy bed freebird (mini-high-bed)
canopy bed freebird
canopy bed butterfly
canopy bed butterfly
shared bed
bunk bed
Couch bed with guest bed and bed-settee
couch bed
hang out bed half-high
hang out bed half-high
Lifetime cushions
lifetime pillows

Wallenfels furniture for childrens and adults in Berlin

Wallenfels – furniture for small and large – we introduce ourselves

Do you expect a baby or would you like to re-arrange the child’s room? Then Wallenfels from Berlin is the right contact for you. 

our history

In 1994, the founder of the company Hatwig Wallenfels looked for suitable children’s play beds for children who were then 2 and 4 years old. Since she did not find anything in the great offer of Berlin at that time, which corresponded to her ideas and her wallet, she organized for herself and like-minded mothers a collective order with a German brand manufacturer for adventure beds. The children and their parents loved it. Other parents were drawn, and the action repeated. The play bed was then further developed into a perfect module system in close collaboration between Mrs. Wallenfels and the manufacturer. In the meantime, almost all the changing needs of the children range from 0 to 15 years. In the following years the customer circle grew rapidly. This also opened up the age range of the children who learn and play on our furniture, so that further themes complemented the product range, Our schoolmates.

Our program grown

Our program has grown ever since, so we are now a specialized specialist store for children’s furniture, especially in the field of ergonomic desks and matching chairs. A variety of bedding systems, textiles and lamps complete the range. For a few years now, we have been devoting ourselves to the needs of adults. Solid wood beds, bedrooms, carpets & a wide range of branded office chairs as well as bed linen now enriches our online shop.

In 2008, we were able to expand our store business on the Lorenzstrasse by a few square meters by making an extensive reconstruction and expanding the store around the area of ​​the doctors‘ practices which had been withdrawn. Hatwig Wallenfels studied pedagogy and the Lehramt for biology and nutrition at the University of Hamburg. After her studies she acquired numerous additional qualifications in the field of child development. In addition to working in her own company, she worked for many years as a PEKIP course leader (Prague Parent-Child Program) in Berlin. Since 2005, she has devoted herself entirely to the Berlin shop and onlineshop.

our passion

Good children’s furniture is our passion. We look after you for a child-friendly, ergonomic design and high material quality of all products offered by us, especially in our wide range of tables, chairs and beds. We would be glad to advise you and with high professional know-how in all children’s rooms, which stimulate the imagination, the play of the roller and the agility of your children. Many of the desks, chairs and other furniture we offer are easy to grow with the age of your child and can be used as a teenager or even as an adult. Durable, of high quality and equipped with many functions, your children have a long time to enjoy it.


You will always receive comprehensive and individual customer advice! In addition to the huge range of children’s furniture, our chic and ergonomically high-quality range for adults has grown steadily over the years and is growing in popularity among our customers. Valuable woods and other materials, state-of-the-art technical equipment and a solid design in a wide range of designs will inspire your imagination and encourage you to browse. In our online shop, we strive to provide you with the necessary information for you, in order to be able to advise you of your installation requirements. But we are not just an online shop. A good selection of very nice furniture can also be found in our specialist store for children’s furniture in Lorenzstraße 71, 12209 Berlin. Here you can personally get a picture of us, look at many exhibits and develop your ideas in peace. The details of your wishes are also important to us!